Loyalty Program - Canada, VapeMeet

Loyalty Program

VapeMeet currently offers a loyalty program for in-store purchases (online coming soon!) in the form of VapeMeet Loyalty Dollars. For every dollar you spend in-store (before taxes, and rounded to the lower dollar), you’ll receive $0.02 in VapeMeet Loyalty Dollars, that you can spend, in-store whenever you’d like. Save them up, spend them right away, it’s up to you. It’s like a permanent 2% off!

There are no limits to how many VapeMeet Loyalty Dollars you can save and redeem and they never expire!

If you have more VapeMeet Loyalty Dollars than your purchases total, the appropriate amount of VapeMeet Loyalty Dollars are deducted and your order is “free”.

In this scenario though, you cannot just pay for some of your order with VapeMeet Loyalty Dollars, you would have to use enough to pay off the order. For example, if your total was $10.00 and you had $15.00 in VapeMeet Loyalty Dollars, $10.00 would be deducted, and you’d still have $5.00 left after your “free” order.  

You can certainly use all of your VapeMeet Loyalty Dollars to partially pay for your order. For example, if you had $5.00 in VapeMeet Loyalty Dollars and your purchase total was $15.00, we would deduct your $5.00 and you’d only have to pay $10.00 for the purchase.

We are currently working on a system to implement VapeMeet Loyalty Dollars for our online customers as well.