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Aspire Skystar Revvo 210W Kit


Aspire's Skystar 210W TC Kit with the Revvo tank is the first truly innovative product the vaping industry has seen in years. The 210 watt Skystar mod is a beautifully constructed touch-screen mod with all the bells and whistles that you'd expect from a modern vaporizer. What's truly unique to the Skystar however, is a clever take on touchscreen controls. The touch functionality is locked by default, so you won't accidentally switch your mode or change your wattage while you're vaping. To unlock, you simply swipe downwards twice, which activates an intuitive and simple user interface. From there, it's all gravy. The screen is bright, incredibly responsive, and does exactly what you want it to. This is perhaps the best rendition of a touch-screen mod we've ever seen.

But that's not the truly unique part of this kit. That's where the Revvo comes in. The first tank of its kind, the Aspire Revvo uses a large "stove-top" coil with a large surface area to create dense, flavourful clouds. Resting on top of your tank like an RDTA coil, the stove-top coil wicks through a physics concept called "adhesion," which basically means that e-liquid slowly crawls up the wall of your glass and into the cotton. The filling mechanism is also the first of its kind. Simply stick your pipette or bottle nozzle in the center of your drip-tip, push down, and squeeze. No top caps to fumble with, no hidden ports to open. The Aspire Revvo is easily the most convenient and innovative tank ever released. And it works pretty damn well.