Efest - Purple 26650 3500mAh 64A Battery


the Efest Purple 26650 3500mAh Battery works great with your favorite 26650 mechanical mods. These batteries come with 3500mah and 64 Amp Limit.

These batteries are 100% genuine and guarantee one of the safest 26650 battery in the market. You can vape all day long without worrying about charging your battery anymore.  

Efest Purple 26650 3500mAh Battery Features:

  • Weight: 100g
  • Length: 65.11mm
  • Diameter: 26.22mm
  • Flat Top
  • 3500mAH capacity
  • 32Amp maximum discharging current
  • 64Amp maximum pulse discharging current
  • 4.2V full charge voltage
  • 2.5V discharge cut-off voltage