Fresh Apples. Crisp apples, red and green 40VG/60PG
Banana. Ripe bananas, soft and smooth. 40VG/60PG    
Blueberry. Fresh sweet blueberries. 40VG/60PG  
as the title states....flavourless. 40VG/60PG
Refreshing mint - Spearmint and Peppermint with a touch of bright menthol. 40VG/60PG
Peaches. Juicy, ripe peaches. 40VG/60PG
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Ripe Pineapple, soft, juicy and a bit tart. PG/VG 60/40
Strawberry, Pure, natural strawberries. 40VG/60PG
The classic pairing - Fresh sweet strawberries with tangy Kiwi. 40VG/60PG